Prayer List

In the Anglican Communion: Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and All the People of the Land of the Holy One;

In our Companion Diocese of Lui: For Singiringwa Parish, and Elinatana, their priest;

In our Diocese of Missouri: For the people and ministry of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, in Ladue; and for Luke, their Rector; and for discernment in our diocesan process of calling a new Bishop.

In the world universal: For victims of arson and other acts of human violence; Pray for those impacted by floods, storms, and other natural disasters; Pray for the security and safety of the people in Lui and in the diaspora; and for all migrants, refugees, asylum seekers—for displaced people everywhere.

In our congregation and extended parish family: We pray for Glen; Raymond; Roy; Bob; for Drake and Drew; Diane; Michael; Matt; Lori and her children; Lisa; John; Neil and his family; Cheryl; Karen; Matt; Carol; Gene; Ally; Dawn; Bob; Cody; Chaundra; Elizabeth; Aiden; Kimberley; Frances; Cherie; for Matt, Missy, Maggie, and Dia; Brett; for Gary and Karen; Dennis; Carol; Joyce; Leslie; Janet; Michael; Pam; Kira; Margaret; Alan; Mandy; Jill; Minah; Jane; Jack; Edie; Alan; Dee; Tammy; Mary; Edy; Kim; Annie; Patricia; Lola; and those we now name.

We pray for the repose of the souls of those who will die today known only to God, and those we now name.

Easter Flower Gifts:  Easter flowers are given by–Dennis Goodman and Diane Johnson, in memory of Joanne Harwood and Patricia Munoz; Tim and Krista Baker, in honor and thanksgiving for our children and grandchildren; Jessie Cragg, to the glory of God and in thanksgiving for family; Talie Aexander, in thanks for the life of dear friend Demi Jackson–sky-dancer.