Prayer List

In the Anglican Communion: For three Dioceses in Nigeria and their Bishops: for Otukpo and The Rt Revd David Bello; for Owerri and The Rt Revd Cyril Chukwunonyerem Okorocha, and for Owo and The Rt Revd James Adedayo Oladunjoye;

In our Companion Diocese of Lui:  For the people of Lui Parish and Stephen Disi, their priest;

In our Diocese of Missouri: For St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, Mexico, and Chris, their priest;

In the world universal: We pray for the security and safety of the people in Lui and in the diaspora, and for displaced people everywhere. For all affected by war and other acts of human violence.

In our congregation and extended parish family: We give thanks for our new Vicar, Amy.  We pray for Mary and the Widmer family, Paul, for the Utterback and Hickman families, for Marilyn and the Nugent family, Alan, Mandy, Phyllis, Dan, Pam, Jill, Dennis, Gary, Lisa, Howard, Mary, Maggie and Lucille, John, Kerrin, Minah, Laurie, Karen, Clint, Roy, Jane, Talie, Jack, Edie, Al, Harriet, Kaiser, Alan, Katrina and Aiden, Ben, Dee, Tom, Leslie, Tammy, Mary, Carol, Edy, Kim, Joyce, Annie, Joanne, Patricia, Lola, and those we now name.

We pray for the repose of the souls of Mark, Lola (Spencer), Neil, Sam, and those who will die today known only to God, and those we now name.