Prayer List

In the Anglican Communion PRAY for The Church in Wales, and
 The Most Revd John Davies, Archbishop of Wales & Bishop of Swansea and Brecon; and for Ashley, who will be ordained this month.

In our Companion Diocese of Lui: The Companion Diocese Relationship Committee and Deborah, chairperson;

In our Diocese of Missouri: The people and ministry of St. Francis Episcopal Church, Eureka, and Sally, their priest; and for our whole Diocese, as we engage the process of calling a new Bishop.

In the world universal: Pray for mindfulness of gun-safety.For the security and safety of the people in Lui and in the diaspora; for all migrants, refugees, asylum seekers—for displaced people everywhere.

In our congregation and extended parish family: We pray for Maggie and the Killmar family; for Lisa, Lori, and Linn; Elizabeth; Aiden; Kimberley, Frances; Cherie and Karla; Pinky; Adrienne; Pat; Terry, Chris, and Lynn; for Matt, Missy, Maggie, and Dia; Brett; Gary and Karen; Dennis; Beverly; Carol; Dan; Roy; David, Rhonda, Tricia, and Britteny; Drew; Joyce; Libby, Kodi, and Khorbin; Leslie; Janet; Michael; Pam; Kira; Margaret; Alan; Mandy; Jill; Minah; Jane; Jack; Edie; Alan; Dee; Tammy; Mary; Edy; Kim; Annie; Joanne; Patricia; Lola; and those we now name.

We pray for the repose of the souls of Lucille, Carol, and those who will die today known only to God, and those we now name.