Prayer List

In the Anglican Communion: PRAY for The Church of South India (United), and 
The Most Revd Thomas Kanjirappally Oommen,Moderator of CSI & Bishop of Madhya Kerala;

In our Companion Diocese of Lui: For Health education of the people of Lui Diocese and the diaspora, and Victoria, Veronica, Anna and Helen;

In our Diocese of Missouri: For the hunger, feeding, and garden ministries in this diocese; and for our whole Diocese, as we begin the process of calling a new Bishop.

In the world universal: For the security and safety of the people in Lui and in the diaspora; for all migrants, refugees, asylum seekers—for displaced people everywhere. For all affected by public shootings and other acts of human violence.

In our congregation and extended parish family: We pray for Pat; Terry, Chris, and Lynn; for Matt, Missy, Maggie, and Dia; Brett; Gary and Karen; Dennis; Beverly; Carol; Dan; Roy; Dale; David, Rhonda, Tricia, and Britteny; Drew; Joyce; Cora and her parents—Emily and Chris; the Burns family; Libby, Kodi, and Khorbin; Leslie; Janet; Michael; Pam; Kira; Margaret; Alan; Mandy; Jill; Gary; Minah; Jane; Jack; Edie; Alan; Dee; Tom; Tammy; Mary; Edy; Kim; Annie; Joanne; Patricia; Lola; and those we now name.

We pray for the repose of the souls of Timothy, and those who will die today known only to God, and those we now name.