Clergy Serving Trinity

The Rev. Carrol Davenport, Transitional Pastor

Carrol grew up in Norfolk, Virginia and as an active participant in a large Southern Baptist Church that sat on the edge of an affluent white neighborhood on one side and a small African American neighborhood on the other. As public schools were forced to integrate she watched those issues play out in the institutional church. Those early church experiences as well as her parents’ acceptance of all people helped to shape her own commitment to the inclusion of all people in the life of the Church

In 1993 she was ordained to ministry in the Southern Baptist Church of her childhood.  Opportunities for ministry as a woman were not abundant in Baptist churches, and as the theology of the Southern Baptists moved to the right she found herself moving to the left and eventually pursued ordination in The Episcopal Church. She was ordained to the priesthood in 2006.

Her full-time work since 2006 has been as chaplain and bereavement coordinator for Hospice of Northeast Missouri. Hospice serves 11 rural counties. When not working Carrol enjoys spending time with family as well as reading and writing and taking photographs.


fullsizerenderThe Rev. Doctor Maria L. Evans, Deacon

Maria is a near-lifelong Missouri native, born in Macon MO.  She grew up in another religious tradition, but left it in her mid-20’s because of its non-inclusiveness.  She spent Sundays for the next 20 or so years of her life at the “green cathedrals” of golf courses; as a result, her personal theology is highly creation-based and rooted in finding sacramental meaning in unlikely places.
Maria is a board-certified anatomic and clinical pathologist and still works part-time as an owner of Boyce & Bynum/Chariton labs in Kirksville.  It was through her office practice that she discovered the Episcopal Church, and came to Trinity because of the urging of her practice partner’s wife and her bookkeeper, who were both members.

Once at Trinity, old memories began to pop up–the gnawing that “doctor” would not be her final calling.  Over several years she began to discern those feelings with the help of others, leading to postulancy and ordination to the Transitional Diaconate.  As she awaits the possibility of ordination to the priesthood, she presently serves Trinity. Maria’s ministry interests are in feeding ministries, especially “faith, food, and farm” ministries, serving congregations in transition, and exploring fresh expressions of church in the 21st century.