What’s Happening at Trinity – News for Friday, September 27, 2019

Upcoming Events

  • Saturday, September 28, 1pm – Baptism for Madeline Scout Vieker; Reception to Follow (Members Invited)
  • Sunday, September 29, 9am – Choir Pre-Church Rehearsal
  • Sunday, September 29, 10am – Holy Eucharist
  • Sunday, September 29, 7pm – ECM Workshop on Lectio Divina, with Hilda Hansen
  • Wednesday, October 2, 7:30am – Morning Prayer
  • Wednesday, October 2, 5:45-7 pm – Choir Rehearsal
  • Saturday, October 5, 10-Noon – Creativity Class (Church Hall)
  • Sunday, October 6, 9am – Choir Pre-Church Rehearsal
  • Sunday, October 6, 10am – Holy Eucharist
  • Sunday, October 6, 12-2:30 – Block Party

Worship Leadership Schedules for Sunday

PresiderThe Rev. Amy Fallon
MusiciansScott Alberts
AcolyteTalie Alexander
LectorTalie Alexander
PrayersJessie Cragg
ChaliceKrista Baker
GreeterDennis Goodman
Coffee HourKaren Croarkin
BursarsJonathan Vieker and Julie Seidler

Amy’s Office Hours

Mondays 10 am-noon, Truman SUB; Tuesday mornings—volunteer hospital chaplain; Wednesdays 1-3 pm, SUB; Thursday—1-3 Caffeind Fix. Or contact the Rev. Amy: by email (amy.fallon08@gmail.com) or by phone (815-901-3614).

We are having a Block Party!

On Sunday October 6th from 12 – 2:30 pm, Trinity is joining with our friends from First United Methodist Church, First Presbyterian Church and First Christian Church for a community party to celebrate World Communion Sunday. There will be lots of activities for all the members of Kirksville community:

12 – 12:30 Blessing of the Animals on the back lawn of First Christian Church, hosted by Trinity and First Christian Churches. Please make sure your animals are leashed, caged or enclosed, as is appropriate for your pet.

12:30 – 2:30pm Progressive Potluckhosted by all the churches. Trinity will provide the desserts. You can sign up for a dessert on the sign up sheet downstairs, or talk to Amy.

There will also be Kids’ Games and Activities in First United Methodist’s play area.

1:00 – 2:30 Live music provided by Deadwood in the gazebo on the back lawn of First Christian Church.

Please note that the city will close Mulanix Street from Harrison to McPherson Streets, which will affect parking for church.

Please plan to park somewhere else that Sunday.

What’s for dinner?

If you would like to provide meals for Sarah Maddox and Jonathan and Kate Vieker as they settle in with their new baby, Maddie, please sign up at the Meal Train link: www.mealtrain.com/trains/e96921. If you are uncertain how to use the sign-up or don’t have a computer, give Amy a call and she will sign you up.

New Meeting Room

Please note the old nursery room is being set up as a Meeting Room. Additional changes are being planned for this room so stay tuned.  If you are interested, on the far right end of the bookcase in the new meeting room you will find a notebook with the Bishop’s Committee minutes and monthly financials. If you have any questions please see Krista.

New Directory

A 2019 Directory is being prepared. A copy of the directory is in the basement on the table to the right of the kitchen door. Please take a few minutes to verify/update your information.

The Episcopal Church Website

The Episcopal Church’s website, www.episcopalchurch.org is a great way to learn about The Episcopal Church (TEC.) You can find churches to visit for worship while traveling, learn about campus ministry across the country and find all sorts of resources to support your own spiritual growth. No matter how long you have been an Episcopalian, there is always something more to learn, so check it out.

More Progress in our Diocese’s Bishop Search:

Be on the lookout for the list of candidates for the Election of the next Bishop of the Diocese of Missouri. The Standing Committee of the Diocese will receive the list candidates from the Search Committee and the Standing Committee will ratify them. The names of the candidates will be released to the whole Diocese soon, most likely on September 30th You can find all this information at the diocesan website www.diocesemo.org

Diocesan Podcasts

Curious about what happens in the Diocese of Missouri outside Kirksville? The Diocese has a weekly podcast, JesusHacked, that highlights ministries across all of our diocese. You can find the podcast on the diocesan website, www.diocesemo.org.

ECM—Episcopal Campus Ministry

ECM will work on social solidarity tonight by enjoying waffle cones together at Bellacinos at 7 pm this evening. Let Amy know if you need a ride. Looking ahead, on September 29 at 7 pm, Hilda Hansen will join us and show us the spiritual practice of lectio divinia, a meditative approach to bible study. We will met in the Trinity Meeting Room.

Liturgical Notes: On Sitting

Over the next weeks, we will explore some of the postures we use during worship. Some of these ideas are based on western European norms that no longer apply to how we live our lives, yet still impact how we worship. If someone cannot or chooses not to engage in any of these postures, their worship is still perfectly acceptable to God. The various positions of the body in worship are meant to help a person’s worship, not hinder it.

In the language of liturgical posture, sitting is the receptive or learning position. We see this in our daily lives as well. We sit in classrooms to learn the material that class covers (at least in traditional lecture-based classes). We sit to have a conversation and learn something from the person we are speaking with. We sit around a table at a meeting, exchanging ideas for a project. In the same way, we sit to hear what the scriptural readings (with the exception of the Gospel) have to teach us. We sit to listen to the sermon, to better understand what the lessons are saying. Finally, we sit to listen to a choral anthem or instrumental music that should engage and teach our hearts about God at the emotional level.

Happy Reading!

Creativity Classes: Learn new things at Trinity + Bring a friend

First Saturday, 10-noon in the Church Hall. Open to everyone!

Students – $5 per session or $20 for all eight.  Non-students – $20 per session of $140 for all 8.

Date Topic Facilitator
September 7 Cancelled
October 5 Who wants to learn to knit? Amy
November 2 Felted acorns & holiday ornaments Krista

kristab@cableone.net or 660-676-9730 with questions or to sign up.

Food Depot: Sauces and Condiments

Little Free Food Pantry: Food and sundries.

Lectionary Readings:

The deadline for next week’s WHAT is Noon, Thursday, October 3.  Please send items to BOTH Kevin Minch at kevin.minch@gmail.com and Natalie Alexander at faymie@gmail.com so that any relevant updates may also be included in the bulletin insert. Please be mindful of the deadline when possible. Thanks!